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Our Story

Jack and Donna Kosnick fell in love with Spring Crest Draperies in the 70's while they lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once they moved to Las Cruces, their dream of buying a Spring Crest franchise and opening a store came to life. They opened store number 186 on January 15th, 1976 with the help of their son, Jon and Donna's mother, Laura Engraf. Six months later, their youngest son, Rob came on board once he finished college at Northern Arizona University.

Over the years, Jack, Donna, Jon and Rob built a very successful business and gained incredibly loyal clients. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jon passed away in March of 1993 and Jack passed away in September of 2000. Leaving the business and everyday tasks to Donna and Rob. In 2009, Jenni, Rob's daughter stepped in full time. Jodi, Jon's daughter helps out on an as needed basis- keeping up with everyday chores can be a very daunting process.

Donna, Rob and Jenni now handle every step of the process with the clients from measuring, selling, ordering, and installing and they pride themselves on the true family business.